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 A Friendly Church that Cares.

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Survey Results Incoming


We have been hard at work surveying those living locally in Milton.

Your answers and feedback have helped us uncover the needs in Milton. To receive the results of this survey or discover how you can help click below.


Doing our part to serve those around the globe

3.... 2....1.... Launch

Stay tuned for details regarding our “come and see” Sunday. Be there first of your friends to check out the newest thing in Milton.





Online Courses

Beat Your Bad Habit

Learn all the practical skills necessary to make powerful changes that last

Have You Heard It Yet

Discovery how to use effective engagement to grow interest in your ministry or organization

Coming Soon

Come and See


Every 2 months we designate a Sunday as Come and See Sunday. This is an ideal time for your first visit because we take a few minutes to explain where we are headed as a church. You can decide early on if Hillside Church is a good fit for you. If you give it a few weeks you will become familiar with how we operate. We won’t pressure you in any way but we will provide encouragement for your day to day life.



We are a new Church starting in Milton. Our goal is to bring our community together and facilitate new friendships. Come join as at a local restaurant and lunch will be provided. We share the best practical life skills so you can be equipped to succeed. New friends will greet you and perhaps answer any questions you have. Oh, and by all means bring the whole family and we will have some things for the kids to do as well.



Live Service

Every Sunday 11:00am

      Judges – Defeat and Deliverance

                 A New Series Featuring Scott Lockhart



      Working in our Community

                  Discover More About the City We Live In



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               Doing Life Together Even When Were Apart



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