Our Chosen Mission!

Hillside Church is committed to supporting Thomas Luai, his family and his mission in Myanmar. So far we have been able to contribute about a year’s living expenses but we are only maybe 2% of the way to the vision to start a self-supporting orphanage. Read what Thomas has to say in his own words. Friend him on Facebook (Thomas.Luai) and tell him “Hillside Church” sent you. He will respond to you on Facebook Messenger. Bear in mind the 10.5 hour time difference.

Thomas … in his own words


P = Problem

Many children become orphans because their mothers reject or abolish them at birth. They see and know the world but not their parents. I see children as orphans because of drug addiction. This situation is happening in Shan State of Myanmar.  Because the parents are drug addicts their lives are very short and they cannot support their own children.  Many children are fatherless because of civil war in the state and their family died. Some of the children are also without parents since the father died and mother got another husband. There are many reasons why the children become orphans.

Since they are rejected by their relatives, some of the children become beggars. The children are staying with their relatives but they do not get love and care in their lives; people reject them. As they grow up in such a situation the children become bad. They need shelter, love, care and education in their lives.  Some of the children cannot go to school to learn.

A = Amplification

When I see children without parents, staying in their relatives’ homes or other people’s homes and treating them like animals my heart breaks. Where they stay, they do not eat sufficient food; they have no education. They are sold to the rich in another country. Their lives are not safe as they don’t get any care. They need love, care and education; so that when they grow up, not only will they know God and have eternal life, they may be able to stand by themselves with a proper, good life. If we take care of them these children will have a future, but if there is no one to take care of them they will have no future. Even though they are forsaken by their parents, we are responsible to take care and give love to them; so that they will become good fathers and mothers for their children.

S = Solution

I and my wife were called to take care of the children of Rapha Orphanage Children. The children were very hungry for a father’s and mother’s love since they never experienced this in their lives before. I and my wife were called to give love and care to the children.  The reason I am a part of the solution is that I myself was raised up longing for my mother’s love from twelve years of age because my Mum was called home to be with the Lord. This is my desire and my prayer to care for the children who need love and care.

According to my past ministry where I was involved, we depended always on the support of others and were looking for donations. But what I learned from this past ministry is to have income generation or business to support the children; so that we can stand by ourselves and support ourselves. If we have a business to support the children we will not need donations every month from others; we won’t need to worry about food and other needs.

T = Testimony

Most of the children are taken from a Buddhist background. When they come they don’t know how to pray or sing. They don’t even know about God. But when they come to the campus, they come to know God, they praise God, pray to Him and have assurance of salvation. This is the greatest thankfulness I have to God for they have become the children of God. They love God, they praise Him with their tears and have tasted His goodness in their daily lives.

They start learning at school but at the beginning they are challenged. However, after two or three years they are no longer at the bottom; they are in the middle and some are even in the top ten. Everything is new for them – school, life experience. My team and I stick to their education and discipline so that they will have a better life in their future. Some of the students have graduated from University.

When the children grow up, they stand on their own feet.  Among the children, Miss Ram Nei Mawi graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Mitthila Engineering College.  Mr. Ro Siam graduated with a BA in English from Yadanabone University, Mandalay.  Miss Emily Lal Thlan Mawi also graduted from Yangon university and now she is a teacher in a private school. Miss Maw Maw Aung and Maw Maw Aye are taking care of the children in Rapha Orphanage Chilcren’s Home in Pyin OO Lwin. Mr. Khawng Dawng is working at the hotel in Mandalay.  Mr. Mal Sawm Zel is driving a truck to support himself and his old grandfather.  Miss Tin Zar Thet works in a beauty salon in Mandalay city to support those who adopted her before. Mr. Ai Come went to be a missionary to the Wa people group and Mr. Aung Min Oo is a pastor in the Assembly of God Church in Mandalay.

My work of caring for children was not in vain. Not only do they get love, care, education but also when they grow up they can stand on their own and love the Lord wherever they are. They serve the Lord as much as they can in every area of their life. When I hear about the children whom I have taken care of, I am full of joy and thankgiving to the Lord for their lives. The investment that I give  – my time, my energy, my love and my life is not in vain. Some of the children tithe back to the school from their income.

When I said farewell to the children because I had to leave the campus, I remembered the tears flowing from their eyes. When I hugged them for the last time, it broke my heart. Even though I loved them so much the situation did not allow us to stay there.

O = Offering

The Bible tells us that we are called to be a blessing for others as Abraham was called to bless the nations. “It is more blessed to give than receive.” (Acts 20:35). Because of your blessing to the project for the purpose of helping the children, they will get love of parents, education, and better life. I will be a good steward by giving financial accountability. I will always give monthly reports along with a copy of receipt expenses to whomever helps the project. I will use financial help only for the purpose of the projects, not in other needs even for the children.

R = Response

According to my past experience we always depend on people who support monthly. If we do not receive from the people it is not easy to survive for the children. The second solution is how we are going to sustainable by doing a business that makes enough money to support the children. There are some business that we can start for the purpose of supporting ourselves so that we don’t need to depend on the support of outside of the people.

But there is another solution that we have to start the business since if there is no capital money is not possible to start.  There may be good idea and good business to start without the capital money we cannot do anything. This is our prayer that we need enough money an amount of up to $50,000 to start the business. This is our prayer that the Lord will bring up man and woman of God to bless our need.

If there is enough money for business there is a business to start pig farm. There are many business to start up such as vegetable farm, flower farm, chicken farm, making brick and others thing to do. But all these farm and business need a big land and human resources. The reason why we choose pig farm is that, we can sale pigs twice a year, it need one person to take care 50 pigs. And our friend William has been doing successfully and he introduce and advise us to do this pig farm. If we have more pigs and that will be better business.

The deadline of receiving the money must be in 2019. If we do not receive by this date the price for the land may be increase and we need to pay more for the land. And also it will be late to build the pig house and the store house for pig food since the month of April is the water festival of Buddhist. Every shop will close and every office will close. Therefore, the thing that we are going to do will be late.

We have seen very good land for pig farm who own by the Burmese rich man. He has ten acres, he want us to sell as much as we can buy. The price is 8,000,000 kyat for one acre which is 200 feet square. I and my family are starting to pray for that land to get at least two acres. But for now, one acre will sufficient for pig farm, orphanage children’s home, and for the children playing places. Even, we can plan some vegetable, and tree which bear fruits can be sold.


The location of the place is west of the village, the area of forest area which is five minutes to drive with motor bike from the middle of the village. The land is located in a mountain side which is a gradual uphill not so slope. In front of the land, there is street which is the boundary of the village area. There is no residence house beside of the land, it is quiet place. Beside of the land, which will be about 50 feet there is stream water, we can use for winter and summer. To go to the primary school at the village, it will take about 15 minutes on foot (by walking). Beside of the land there is big pineapple farm.

How to Get Water

To get the water, it is needed to drill with drilling machine as it is in a gradual uphill side, this is what we called Oasis water. The drilling cost will be around 2,000,000 kyat.* But for pumping the water it will be needed to use diesel engine with air compressor. Some time we can get water from stream water which is 50 feet from the place. Diesel engine with air compressor will cost 350000 + 250,000 kyat.

* 100,000 = approximately US$1,000.


There is no electricity connection at the place. It will be needed to use solar system with battery and inviter for giving light for the house. The solar will charge the battery in day time, and we need to use led bulb for light. It is hopefully to get electricity connection not in many years. The cost of solar with 300 watt is around 300,000 kyat and battery 150 watt is 200,000 kyat. So, it will be needed two battery and two solar. The total cost will be 1,000,000 kyat.

For Schooling

There is only primary school at the village, for high school it is needed to go the downtown. There is a service for students we called light truck, we need to pay monthly fee.

Building for Pig House

Building of the pig house cost will be depend on how many pig we want to have. It will be completed probably 10,000,000 kyats for 100 pigs, but if it is for 50 pigs it cost 5,000,000 kyat.

Building for Children House

After we make money from pig farm, through the benefit from pig farm we can start the building for the children step by step. All the benefit from pig farm, we will save in bank account so that there will be enough fund to build the house for children and other needs. That is why starting pig farm is most important for starting Orphanage Children ministry.

After Ten Years From Now

If we can start sustainable business we will not need to ask people for help in the orphanage ministry. Because Pig farm business will feed all the needs of the children and the things that we plan from the land will also produce fruits to sell. For example, if we plan avocado it will bear fruit after three years of plant. Under the tree of which can bear fruit to sell, we can plan other tree which can grow in the shadow of the tree such as coffee beans and others. After ten years from now, the children will also grow up they can learn many things how they can earn money and there will be many children who will go to university also.

We will teach the children not only how to grow in spiritual, character, and education, but also we will teach how to make things and sell so that they will know how to support themselves, how to make money in their own and help others.

Our heart is always for the orphans who were left behind of their parents. They do not become not because of their choice. Some of them become orphan because their parents died because of war, drugs addict, and alcoholic, throw them away, did not come back from china, and many other reason. How this children will grow and survive their life… how they are pitiful being human. My heart felt so much how they will be. Some of the children were sold to China, Thailand to be what they don’t want to be. This is our vision to take care of such children, to give them love, give them education, care, and raise them to be men and women of God.

You and I have very warm cloth to wear, good food to eat and fill our stomach, and with a good life, but in outside there are many children who does not have cloth to wear, hungry, begging to eat, not receiving love, living with fear, and many other things.