Once in a Lifetime “Founding Member” Opportunity!

Hillside Church will only launch once
and it might be a good fit for you!

“If you are new to Milton and want a great church experience
I want to have a “no pressure” conversation with you
to help you find the right church for you.”

Milton is growing fast but the number of churches available isn’t meeting the need.


New churches engage new people.

  • New to town.
  • New to more new positive helpful relationships.
  • New to dusting off the approach.
  • People like new better than old.
  • New churches are usually more tuned to outreach.

This may be the life challenge you need right now! We expect it will be for 3 more launch families.

Why Not?

You may be looking for a different sort of church.

  • With well-established identity, programs and people.
  • With a traditional church building that has a theatre or gym-like auditorium.
  • Where you can participate without getting too involved.
  • With a different belief system or approach.

This may not be a good season for you.

Tuesday, 10:12 am

Hi! I’m Gary Carter …

Wendy and I are working in Milton to start a church. We have found a new way that will overcome growth problems.

We want to reach people who are not presently involved in a good church.

We know we have a tremendous amount to offer for many — not that we are so special but that we have some solid ideas that work.

We have learned these through trial and success over several decades in full-time ministry and direct experience. To start, we are totally self-supporting missionaries

  • Many churches never get past 100 participants and it may surprise you to learn that the typical-sized church has an attendance around 60 on Sunday. Hold that thought for a moment.
  • Church buildings require one parking spot for 3-5 seats in their auditorium. This takes a massive amount of land. And that 3-5 acre property for sale seldom exists near where people live. Hold that thought for a moment as well.
  • Gathering enough people together to start a church is a huge task. If an existing church is eager to send off about 10 families to get a church started that is a great idea. But most churches need the good workers they have to keep things moving forward. They don’t see how they can afford to give people away. Hold that thought too.
  • Overall church attendance in Canada is not doing well.
  • Younger generations aren’t rising up at the rate needed for churches to hold our own, let alone grow.
  • It depends on the survey, but about 80% of churches admit they are on a plateau or in decline. It is convenient for some people to leave their church and join with a large multi-staff church where there are more programs and services available. But that kind of growth is like moving a tooney from one pocket to another. It might make you feel richer but you are confused. The reality is, if we don’t find the ways to encourage more people to participate in more churches, the cause of Christ regenerating spiritual life in communities is no further ahead.
  • Some attempt to start a church with the hope of someday having their own single purpose church facility. They often start in a school gym or community centre, but can’t get over the hump to purchase land and then sometime later build a building.

What If?

What if there was a way to solve all these challenges with one single solution?

What if every city in Canada could have new churches springing up on a regular basis?

What if you could be a part of something great for the Kingdom of God expressed in Milton?

If that were true, many of the social ills of our generation would be slowed or even eliminated! If you raise one eyebrow at that suggestion, Google “church attendance and ________” with any problem you can think of. On many subjects, you will find research proving that church attenders are …

  • less depressed,
  • less addicted,
  • less unhappy and have
  • fewer relationship breakdowns. You will even find they have
  • fewer health problems!

And that’s just why we are here!


The Single Biggest Problem!

When people move to a new community they stop attending church about 50% of the time.

They find the school, the commuter station to work, the sports clubs, the grocery store, and the restaurants.

But they often don’t find a suitable church.


  1. When they try one church it might not feel right and the people might not be as welcoming as they hoped.
  2. Then they try the second church and they find that what they believe is suspect or the meeting isn’t what they want.
  3. After the third try and they feel like they don’t fit in they might just give up.

What If?

  • What if there was a way to build a church — not a church building — that had natural ways to overcome many of these difficulties?
  • What if there was a church where the founders truly wanted to make a difference because they care about people and their concerns?
  • What if you could be a part of a new church phenomenon that made you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?

There Is at Least One Solution!

I am not suggesting our solution is the only one, but it is the one we are committed to. I am not suggesting this is for everyone. But I would enjoy a personal conversation with you at the coffee shop, in your home or mine to share what I have found. Remember I told you to hold some thoughts? Well here is the answer. We call it the …

“Church/Restaurant Phenomenon”

It is too much detail to share on a web page or a video because we need to go back and forth in discussion to answer all the questions.

Here is what I want you to do
because we haven’t met yet!

I want you to take the next step in the conversation. You decide what’s best for you.

Click “Let’s Talk,” email me (gary@hillsidechurchmilton.ca), or call me (289-627-4727) to see if we have a match!

We are looking for 3 families (or singles) to join with us for this launch. We are currently in pre-launch assembling the team.

Our target is to find some who have moved to town recently and need a new church home.

We also are interested in having a conversation if you have moved to Milton but maintain a church connection in another community.

What we don’t want to do is solicit engagement from people productively involved in another church.

However, if you say you have a church but you really only attend at Christmas and Easter we have something more for you too!

Now let me be clear.

In the launch phase, we have an eye out for two kinds of people.

  1. The first is those who know the Lord and would feel at home in a new evangelical Baptist church associated with CNBC.ca.
  2. The second is those who are unchurched or dechurched. We love to welcome them as well.

Actually, our current launch team is about 50/50 in those two categories.

Once we go public in 2020 we hope to deploy a small army of people reaching out in Milton to find those who don’t have a church home, who are ready to be found and who will hear our story. Some of those unchurched people will join with us.

When we have our conversation you may find this isn’t the right time or place for you. I totally understand. I will never try to pressure you into something you don’t find inspiring. But I will present to you what I believe is a compelling argument about joining with us if you choose to fit in!

GIFT BOOK: To sweeten the pot a little ...

Gary and Wendy Carter, have written a highly relevant book about church life called Bubble UP Church.

We are all excited about growing a church just as this book describes.

The book isn’t about the mechanics of church life; it is about the personal growth of the people.

You can purchase Bubble UP Church here But we will send you a free copy of the book as an eBook.

All you have to do is drop your information here and you will be sent to it immediately so you can download, read and ponder.


Send an email to … book@hillsidechurchmilton.ca …
you will get a link in the return mail.

Transitional Pastor :

Gary V Carter

Gary has helped start over a dozen churches during his ministry. Gary and Wendy purchased their first home in Milton back in the 1970s when the town was much smaller. They moved on to several other ministry situations but have always had a concern for strong churches in Milton.

Now the Carters are back! They want to get things started with a new church that helps people find their true meaning in life and support them in that growth.

Once things are well on their way a new pastor will come along to carry the baton into a bright future!

Every Week!

[Covid-19 changed the plan! Visit facebook.com/hillsidechurchmilton for live stream!]

We are new and we meet every week on Sundays at 11 am. You might find this different! We meet around the tables at Ned Devine’s Party Room. Come at 10:45 am; Pour yourself a mug of coffee, tea or a glass of juice.

New friends will greet you and perhaps answer any questions you have. Oh, and by all means bring the whole family and we will have some things for the kids to do as well.

Newcomers are always our guests for lunch after the meeting.

(Instead of renting a room Ned’s gives us the space for free as long as we buy lunch. That is a great deal for us all!)

Come and See Sunday!

Every 2 months we designate a Sunday as Come and See Sunday. This is an ideal time for your first visit because we take a few minutes to explain where we are headed as a church. You can decide early on if Hillside Church is a good fit for you. If you give it a few weeks you will become familiar with how we operate. We won’t pressure you in any way but we will provide encouragement for your day to day life.


Hillside Church Milton …289-627-4727 … Mailing Address: Kainos International Ministries, 7777 Churchville Rd. Brampton ON  L6Y 0H3